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Pedal Board

Although I've amassed quite a collection of pedals, I don't use them much. But in the last year I've been playing with a band called Chop Shop once a week, and we do some crazy sh!t. The pedals have become a fun part of that gig. Here's what I've been running lately from right to left: TC Polytune Tuner>MXR Bass Comp>DIgitech Bad Dog OD>EHX POG II>MXR Analog Chorus>MXR Carbon Copy Delay. The POG in particular has been great for the octave up sound - I'll hit that for a solo, or play down low and get a guitar doubling effect. Very fun! I house it all in a Pedaltrain board with a soft case. It limits how many I can use, but I figure I can work with this many pedals just fine, a double row board would be too much to manage for me.