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Greenboy Fearless F112

I was turned on to this company by a friend, and my world has officially been rocked! This three-way enclosure has a 12" sub, 5" mid driver, and a horn - all top quality components. No commercial bass cabinet company is going to use parts this expensive, period. The box has been designed around these great speakers, and the performance and tone is unparalleled by anything I've ever played. This little bugger sounds incredible while mopping the floor with a 4x10. I've been running 1200 watts into it, and it loves it. Upright, electric, tubes, solid-state... EVERYTHING I play through this cab sounds the best I've ever heard it. They are not cheap... but you can pay just as much for something that won't even come close - so why not just get a Greenboy and be done with it? I also have an F110 on order.