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About Ed Friedland

Ed Friedland plays with the Grammy-Award winning band, The Mavericks. He is the author of numerous bass instructional methods, and has been a long-time industry influencer as “The Bass Whisperer.”

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The Art Of Being No One

February 5th, 2021|

(originally printed in Bass Player Magazine 09/2018) The Art Of Being No One As a teacher and writer, I've always drawn my message from my life experiences, and as a long-time freelancer, my musical life was focused on meeting the requirements of a wide variety of situations. A typical month might find me playing in the pit orchestra for a show, a Texas honky tonk for Chicken-Shit Bingo, a fusion gig at a jazz club, a straight-ahead jazz gig at a lounge, backing singer-songwriters, a classic rock cover gig, a [...]


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