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About Ed Friedland

Ed Friedland is the author of numerous bass instructional methods for Hal Leonard, a former long-time columnist for Bass Player, and contributor to several other music magazines, as well as being a long-time industry influencer as “The Bass Whisperer.” From 2015 through 2023, Ed toured and recorded with 90s Country favorites The Mavericks.

Hitting Bottom


The Art Of Being No One

February 5th, 2021|

(originally printed in Bass Player Magazine 09/2018) The Art Of Being No One As a teacher and writer, I've always drawn my message from my life experiences, and as a long-time freelancer, my musical life was focused on meeting the requirements of a wide variety of situations. A typical month might find me playing in the pit orchestra for a show, a Texas honky tonk for Chicken-Shit Bingo, a fusion gig at a jazz club, a straight-ahead jazz gig at a lounge, backing singer-songwriters, a classic rock cover gig, a [...]


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