“The Bass Whisperer started out as a half-baked attempt to give Guitar World’s Bass Guitar magazine some much-needed web presence. I was writing gear reviews for print, but back in 2006, it was clear that video was the future of media. I started by standing in front of the built-in iMac camera and going for it. Bad sound, bad lighting, bad backdrop… but people dug it. As time passed, my video production skills improved, and 30K+ subscribers later, the “BW” is still the guy people go to for informed opinions on bass gear.”

The Latest From BassWhispererTV!

Modern Vintage MVJ4-66 Jazz Bass

Modern Vintage instruments are top-notch examples of J and P basses. They have the quality you associate with the 4-6K price range, at production line prices.

G&L Tribute Fallout Bass

While the neck profile isn’t exactly the same, the tone of this imported Tribute model is equal to my US made Fallout.

Nordstrand Acinonyx “Cat” Bass

The Cat bass is a real winner! Sounds great in so many different ways, but it can dish out the thump I need.

Ed’s Road Report NYC

This “Bourdain of Bass” style episode was fun to shoot!

Print Reviews

Bass Player magazine was bought by the same company as Guitar World, so now GW is posting a lot of my old gear reviews, some of them with recent dates. Sadly, that doesn’t mean I get PAID again, but it does mean you can read them!