I’ve been teaching in a variety of settings since 1980. Starting at a small music store in Acton, MA, I went on to teach at Berklee College Of Music, Boston College, Milton Academy, and Arizona State University. I’ve taught at bass conferences around the world, even ran two weekend bass workshops of my own many years ago, School of Bass I & II. But ultimately, I love teaching private lessons. One-on-one mentorship can be the most rewarding and effective way to help people attain their goals.

Now that I’m off the road, I am teaching again, accepting private students at home in Tucson (worth the trip!), and online. It’s been suggested I have another book in me, and who knows? And if private instruction isn’t an option, you can buy all of my books, watch my entire Youtube channel, and work through the many free lessons I’ve made available here (donations are still gratefully accepted). I love teaching, and I’ve always connected my work in the field to my educational practice. These days… my educational message is simple: Play what sounds right, not what you CAN play. Listen to the music, and COMMIT. Play it 100%, or go home. Learn repertoire! That’ll be $100 please! LOL.

I am offering these free lessons as a way of generating interest in my books, and to add to the tome of bass knowledge available online. The lessons are available to you at no charge, but come with a suggested donation—Pay What You Want. My Paypal email is: ed@edfriedland.com:

As someone who has made themselves available to the bass playing public online for decades of free musical and technical advice, I appreciate your consideration.

New Series! Metronome Torture Tests!!

Inspired by a continuing disagreement over using the metronome to improve one’s ability to keep time, I’m putting these exercises online for your benefit. Even if you believe this won’t help – try it! If you can do it, move on. If you can’t… keep at it until you can. Thousands of students have used these exercises over the years with great success, it’ll work for you too – if you do it! Many ideas like this are featured in my book “Bass Grooves”. Google it, and buy a NEW hardcopy please! E-books are like Spotify for authors… just a way for the corporations to pay you less for your work because…. digital? Because it costs them less to sell your book digitally?? If you buy, buy new, buy hardcopy please!

Metronome Torture Test!!!

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Pentatonic Scales For Bass

Taken from my book Pentatonic Scales For Bass, these lessons explore the use of Pentatonic Modes to help you create musical bass lines, and more interesting solos.


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Strategies For Fingerboard Mastery!!

Do you REALLY know your fingerboard? Some people can only follow the guitar player, or memorize where they play in relation to the dots, or play strictly by ear and never think about what note they might be playing. Don’t get me wrong—all three of those approaches are great, and we ALL play that way too. But here’s the thing, if you LEARN EVERY NOTE on the fingerboard, and understand how each one is a different TEXTURE to be used musically—NOW you’re approaching the instrument the way all the BEST players do. The fingerboard is your workspace, your neighborhood, and your playground—KNOW YOUR NECK!!


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