Between 2015 and 2023, The Mavericks dominated my live work, performing around 120 shows a year, in addition to recording. They traveled the US mostly by bus, and would fly over to Europe frequently – where they rented a bus. The variety of venues was fun, one day at Hyde Park in London playing for 80K, another day playing in a cave in Tennessee for troglodytes. My post-Mavericks life is still unfolding. I’m currently home in Tucson playing with people I enjoy, getting back into top physical and mental shape, and putting out feelers for another road gig, perhaps one that doesn’t tour all year long.

Current Work

After a few months off for rest and relaxation, the work is coming in again. I’ve got some subbing ahead with Marcia Ball, trio shows with Red Young, gigs with Petie Rondstadt,  and some other Tucson people. More pictures on the way!

Live With The Mavericks
Mavericks Live Video

Recorded Live at Denver Botanical Gardens

Recorded Live at Statler Ballroom, Dallas, TX

Recorded Live at Floore’s Country Store, Helotes, TX

Recorded Live at Floore’s Country Store, Helotes, TX

Other Gigs

Live Video With Others

Solo Performance “Scheff Salad”

Red Young, Kim Wilson, the Hot Horns on SBC 25

Red Young and the Hot Horns on SBC 25

Red Young, Paulie Cerra, Brannen Temple on SBC 26