Pentatonic Scales for Bass

Pentatonic Scales for Bass

This book examines working with pentatonic scales in a few interesting ways. Part one teaches you how to use them modally, just like major and minor scales to create more integrated bass lines for rock chord progressions. Part two explores this further with soloing ideas using modal pentatonic fragments, and using multiple tonic centers over chords.



The pentatonic is one of the most widely used scales in music. This book teaches fingerings for these essential five-note scales all over the neck, and how to use them to create solid, functional bass lines. The audio contains 56 tracks and features full-band demonstration examples. Covers: major and minor pentatonic scales; one- and two-octave scale patterns; pentatonic modes and their applications; soloing with pentatonic scales; and much more! Audio is accessed online for download or streaming using the unique code inside each book.


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