Over the years I’ve done a wide variety of studio work. My indoor career started back in ’79 doing sessions at Fleetwood Recorders in Revere, MA. Outsider Music fans will recognize that as the location where The Shaggs recorded their greatest work. I played on many sessions for Muzak Corporation, everything from small trios to full orchestral dates. I did a lot of work at Soundtrack Studios, Boston, doing jingles, “clear” library music, vanity projects, whatever they had—until they bought a Synclavier (remember those?) and I didn’t get called for a while. They eventually got tired of it. “The ad guys want to see humans tracking in a room!” The Synclavier gave way to better technology that we now carry around in our cell phones, but live bass is still a thing.

From 2015 through 2023, I recorded quite a bit with the Mavericks—four studio albums, one live album, and several one-off sessions for various outside projects. Mostly they recorded at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, truly one of the world’s great facilities.


Studio Gallery

Live In The Studio

Here’s a track we shot live at Blackbird Studios, Peach Blossom Blues. That’s Raul’s son Dino on drums, and Paul switched over to vibes.

Here’s another one-camera, one continuous shot video live from Blackbird Studios, playing Raul’s tune “Havana Midnight”.